Your Next Great Adventure Awaits with Lindblad Expeditions

When it comes to unearthing the greatest wonders and treasures of the world, few names are as prevalent as National Geographic. The magazine is the very definition of the word expedition, which is why it makes perfect sense that since 2004 the revered publication has been partners with Lindblad Expeditions.

This partnership has allowed National Geographic to provide extraordinary small-ship voyages to some of the world’s most remote and fascinating places, from the icy wilderness of Antarctica to the dramatic fjords of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

But you don’t have to be a wildlife photographer or travel writer to hop aboard the Lindblad fleet. You just have to book your travel with Travel With Stephanie!

The expedition of a lifetime can be yours – time to tackle that bucket list

Do you have a list? You know what list we’re talking about – the quintessential bucket list filed with must-do moments and must-have experiences?

  • Get up close and personal with a glacier
  • Witness a wild bear in its natural habitat
  • Float beside breaching whales

Lindblad Expeditions’ mission is to help you start putting checkmarks next to each of your must-do bucket-list items. Their expeditions provide the opportunity for everyday folks to go to the planet’s exceptional places (Gal├ípagos, Alaska, Costa Rica, etc.) including some places that are typically inaccessible, such as Antarctica.

But Lindblad doesn’t just take you to these exceptional places; it immerses you into the natural surroundings. Each adventure features a veteran expedition team that has the expertise and know-how to ensure you see and experience the hidden gems, all while offering unique insight every step of the way.

Offering the tools for exploration – Lindblad is for the traveler that doesn’t want to be a passive tourist

Want to see killer whales circle a seal on an ice flow, while having a marine biologist beside you when it happens? What about having a gray whale calf surface with one of the world’s best whale photographers (such as National Geographic’s Flip Nicklin) right there with you? These types of experiences are what stand Lindblad apart.

Lindblad’s fleet consists of intimately-scaled ships that can venture to tiny pockets of the world where larger cruise ships cannot. But just because these ships are smaller in size – ideal for explorations – doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on comfort and luxury. Each ship features private accommodations and public gathering spacing, offering the perfect balance between alone time and community.

Lindblad’s expedition journeys aren’t your conventional group travel experience. You’re not herded around or treated like a collective. You choose your daily activities; you choose which members of the expedition team you wish to join, based on your interests.

Dine with whom you wish. Share a drink with strangers alike. You’ll never know who’s on board with you. Perhaps it’s the IMAX director working on his film on Alaska, or a former White House photographer, now retired and turning her focus toward more natural settings.

Folks who choose to travel with Lindblad Expeditions are a special kind of traveler. If you’re interested in experiencing the wonders of the world alongside passionate adventurists and experts, then your ship has finally come, and Travel With Stephanie can get you on board.

Contact us today to learn more about our unique relationship with Lindblad Expeditions and how we can bring you face to face with your bucket-list items.

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