Tropical Island Travel Tips

Kid with Surf Board
Crystal clear waters, soft white sandy beaches, spectacular coral reefs – these are just a few reasons why tropical getaways are popular among tourists. With nearly 45,000 different tropical island destinations found across the world, choosing the perfect location can difficult. By gaining a bit of knowledge however, you can narrow down the options and get the most out of your tropical island vacation.

Set Vacation Goals

Are you a surfer? If so, choose a destination with big waves. Is this a romantic getaway? Then select an island with plenty of remote locations and large stretches of empty beach. If bringing the kids is part of your plan, look for a place that is family-friendly and offers supervised activities. A weekend with friends demands a high-energy location known for its party atmosphere. Although your resort selection will have the most to do with meeting your vacation goals, certain islands are generally associated with certain atmospheres. Try to find a place that offers the atmosphere you desire.

When to Go

Timing is (almost) everything when it comes to tropical travel expenses. Winter, when many Americans are buried under snow, is high season for tropical locales. Around the winter holidays through February, expect hotel and flight prices to skyrocket, and beaches to be crowded with tourists. Luckily, this popular and expensive period tapers off around mid-April and lasts until mid-December. Other factors that can affect price include: proximity, airline availability, and differences in demand.


Packing 101

Packing for a tropical vacation should be one of the easiest packing chores since the sun, heat, and humidity mean that there is minimal bulky clothing to bring. But realistically, packing is stressful – and something will always get left behind. Forgetting important documents, such as passports and/or visas, are certain to put a damper on good times. Creating or following a packing checklist will ensure the island essentials end up in your suitcase. And in the unfortunate event that something nonessential gets left behind, try not to worry since YOU ARE ON VACATION!

Tropical island vacations are full of excitement, adventure, and maybe even romance. So what are you waiting for? Even on a budget, you can still visit some of the most popular destinations in the world and have an unforgettable getaway.

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