Travel With Flavor…

Customized Epicurean Travel is a great option for the wine and culinary travel enthusiasts. Your culinary and wine travel program can range from a wine-only to a culinary-only focus or anything in between.  Some of my favorite client experiences include the following:

  • Interactive culinary sessions, led by Michelin-star chefs that begin with visits to everyday food markets
  • Insider, wine estate tours with access to winemakers and estate owners, along with creative tastings and food pairings
  • Epicurean Walking Tours to experience cultural sites and outstanding food markets as well as sensational food shops and wine boutiques
  • Artisan food producer visits in the city or the countryside, to see, learn and taste at the source
  • Personal wine collection consultation

Popular destinations for Epicurean Travel include France, Italy, Spain, Portugal Ireland, Argentina, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, California and Oregon.

My Epicurean programs include an entirely customized and personalized collection of insider wine and interactive culinary travel experiences along with exceptional accommodations, private transfers and other cultural and active pursuits.

Let me help you plan your perfect Epicurean vacation! Travel With Stephanie has decades of experience in helping people find the best deals on travel, both domestically and internationally. 985-727-5577

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