Tired of Winter? Warm Up With One of These 4 Tropical Vacation Destinations

Winter has been brutal in 2015, and for some of our northern friends, there is still a rather arduous journey until the first signs of spring. Whether you live in Mandeville, Louisiana or far away, Travel with Stephanie can help you plan a short (or long) getaway, depending on how much time off you have and how much your budget allows for.

Here are four surprisingly affordable tropical destinations for you to consider if you just want to get away from the cold, rain or brisk winter weather for a long weekend or a week sojourn.

  1. Puerto Rico: Because Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the U.S., the flights are often more affordable than to other Caribbean destinations. There are plenty of fun things to do, whether you want to just park your bum at the pristine, white sandy beaches all week long or check out some magical rainforests, stunning golf courses and fun casinos or shopping malls. The historical Spanish décor and forts give Puerto Rico a quintessential vibe, and you get a lot for your dollar.
  2. Jamaica: Instead of the pricey Montego Bay, if you don’t mind a slightly longer travel time, you can find some great deals both in and to Ocho Rios. It offers a more casual atmosphere than the luxurious Montego Bay. Ocho Rios used to be just a fishing village, so it still has a chill vibe with many local hangouts and affordable cuisine. Plus, you just can’t beat the scenery, with spectacular waterfalls, hiking, swimming and lovely white sandy beaches.
  3. Destin, FL: If you don’t have time to travel too far away from home, or don’t have a passport, then Destin is a great place to go. The beaches are great and it’s not as much of a party city as Panama City, although you should check to make sure you are not landing there right in the middle of spring break. You can stay in a number of affordable condo rentals for a week and take nearby daytrips to the Florida Caverns State Park and check out the beautiful caves!
  4. San Diego, CA: Never been to CA? San Diego is one of the best places to visit if you need some sunshine. Nearby Mission Beach has some scenic drives that are absolutely breathtaking, and being still in the United States, San Diego is often more within reach for some people than going to foreign countries at the last minute. This is a very artsy community, so if you have eclectic tastes and want a laid-back place, this is your home away from home.

None of these appeal to you? Call Travel With Stephanie today. I’ll help you brainstorm some more great places to get you some much needed Vitamin D (aka – sunshine) and warmth away from where you live. A relaxing vacation may be just what the doctor ordered.

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