Three of the Latest Travel Apps for Your Next Adventure

Today’s travelers have a wealth of information at their fingertips, from navigating new cities to finding the best
local cuisine. Before you set out on your next big adventure, don’t forget to download these three latest and
greatest travel apps for your journey.


Walking and using public transportation can help you get to know a new city, even if you’re only staying for a
few days. Get around efficiently and safely with Citymapper, an app for iOS and Android platforms that helps
tourists navigate public transit in dozens of global cities. With this free app, you can enter your destination and
compare every transit option so you can take the best route. It even includes available bike, car, and scootersharing services.

Google Translate

Traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language can be daunting. Enter Google Translate, which was
updated in October 2018 with a revolutionary feature that can translate written text when you snap a photo. You
can also use the audio feature to translate spoken language and even translate typed text in any app. Google
Translate features an incredible 103 languages and is available free for both iOS and Android platforms.


If your adventure takes you through several time zones, avoid confusion with Circa. This gorgeous,
intuitive graphic time zone tracker uses a circular interface to display the current time in places you’ve recently
traveled, as well as those coming up on your itinerary. Keep in touch with family and friends easily by asking the
app to find overlapping awake hours. Circa is compatible with Apple Watch and iPhone as well as Android

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