Is it Safe to Travel to the Holy Land?

Whether you celebrate Christianity, Judaism, Muslim or Baha’i religious beliefs, one thing all of these religions have in common is the consideration of the Land of Israel as the Holy Land. Despite being a frequent destination for news stories, it is still one of the top travel destinations in the entire world. Many people dream about visiting the Holy Land throughout their lives, and when they finally get an opportunity to do so, there are a lot of travel packages available to visit the Holy Land.

While there, tourists can find a number of fascinating historical and picturesque settings. Not only is this stretch of land between Syria and Egypt sacred, it is one of the most sanctified places on earth. Some of the world’s most ancient civilizations can be traced to the Holy Land.

Is Traveling to Israel Safe in Today’s Turbulent Middle East Environment?

Many Louisiana residents who are considering an expedition to Israel ask me whether or not it is safe. Considering how frequently it is mentioned on the global news, this is a valid question. The best way to visit the Holy Land is to stick with a reputable tour group, such as one that you can book with your travel agent. Do not try to visit the country or the city of Israel alone, as this can make you more of a target for predatory crime.

Also, there are specific regions to avoid right now. The Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights are not really part of the “holy sights” you will be looking at, but do not go into those areas. You should also visit the Old City of Jerusalem only during daylight hours, never at night.

Always travel with an experienced travel guide, since these experts are familiar with local traditions and are sensitive to the area. Travel with Stephanie can help you find a travel guide to assist you on your dream trip to the Holy Land. While you do need to keep safety and normal common sense travel strategies first and foremost – such as never carrying your belongings out in the open – it is better to choose a professional and travel with a group. If you have any questions about traveling to Israel or the Holy Land as part of a tour group, call 985-727-5577 to talk with an experienced travel agent in Mandeville.

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