How to Obtain U.S. Global Entry

If you frequently travel abroad, obtaining your Global Entry into the U.S. will save you a lot of time and hassle. This government CBP (U.S. Customs and Border Protection) program enables low-risk travelers to zip through customs more quickly and expeditiously.

It works by giving the participants a machine-readable passport that can be scanned through one of the automated kiosks, although these booths are not yet available at every airport. The user must also place their fingerprint on the scanner to pass through, which eliminates the use of a stolen passport.

Most major or international hub airports do have these in place to make Global Entry more convenient for both U.S. residents who travel often or for frequent international travelers. Participants must still make a customs declaration and will be given a receipt to go retrieve their luggage.

How Can I Get Global Entry Authorization?

Many of my clients ask how they can get into the program. Beware; you may have to sign over your first born (just kidding). All applicants are required to go through a stringent background check and a mandatory interview prior to enrollment.

Although it does make things a lot easier, which I can personally attest to as someone who has a Global Entry passport, there may still be times in which a customs official will randomly select you for further interrogation. Of course, you should make sure to keep your personal and professional life outside of traveling as clean as possible, because even the slight infringements can result in revocation of your Global Entry privileges.

Be mindful of the laws when leaving and returning to the United States and you should be fine. If you need assistance applying for Global Entry, contact Travel with Stephanie Louisiana at 985-727-5577.

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