Mobile Luxury: Six Packing Hacks to Slim Down Your Luggage, Not Your Comforts

We all aspire to become master packers, but it can be hard to decide what stays and what goes. Packing light not only reduces airport fees, but it also keeps you from hauling bulky bags and gives you more time to enjoy your new destination! Plan a light trip with these packing hacks.

Ditch the Extra Bag

The first step to avoid overpacking is to limit your space to one reliable, sturdy bag—preferably with wheels for easy transport. Be sure to double-check the airport regulations to make sure your bag fits carry-on requirements. Traveling with only carry-on bags can give you more freedom to roam and cut back on the airport wait time. Once you’ve downsized your luggage, you’ll be forced to pack more efficiently.

Pack With Purpose

Utilize different sections of the bag to limit what you bring, and always sort it before you pack it in the bag. That way, you can see everything you will be bringing and prioritize accordingly. Of course, once you start loading the bag, be sure to roll clothes to keep them compact and wrinkle-free!

Think Multi-Purpose and High Value

Use your phone as a map, a playlist, and a camera. Plus, you can rely on countless other travel apps for anything from finding the closest (clean) restroom to accessing free public WiFi. Other high-value, low-space items include ear plugs and eye masks, which are essential for long travel days and new time zones.

Find Versatile Clothing Staples

Stretchy or flowy slacks, solid-color layers, and a light sweater can work for various occasions. Rather than several different outfits, select complimentary clothing that can be mixed, matched, and dressed up or down. Leave the cumbersome jackets and thick materials at home, and instead opt for materials like merino wool that is breathable and highly durable for multiple wears.

Leave Your Linen Closet at Home

Take the opportunity to pamper yourself. There is no need to bring towels, blankets, or even pillows. Don’t stress too much about bringing all your toiletries either. Browse the hotel’s website beforehand for a list of amenities from shampoo to bathrobes. Remember that you can find most anything you need once you get to your destination. Plus, you don’t want to risk a spill in your bag while you travel.

Seek Entertainment Instead of Carrying It

Pick one book for the plane, download music or a movie to enjoy offline, and leave extra books and gadgets at home. If that feels limiting, visit a local bookstore while you’re away to find new inspiration and a memento from your trip all in one. As a travel agent, I always help my clients find experiences that truly resonate with their interests and passions during their trip. That way, you can focus on making new memories, not what’s in your suitcase!

Keeping clutter out of your luggage will put you in vacation mode right away. Why wait to relax? At Miller Murphy Travel, we handle every detail of planning your perfect trip. Hear from some of our happy clients and learn more benefits of working with a travel agent. When you’re ready to book your next getaway, give us a call at 985.727.5577.

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