Leave Your Worries Behind as You Travel the World with MedjetAssist


No one expects to get injured while on vacation. Yet it does happen. Medical injuries can be scary enough when you’re in comfortable and familiar surroundings, but what about when you’re in a new and strange place? How can you protect yourself, your health, and security, without compromising the essence of your vacation?

Welcome to MedjetAssist – The safer way to travel

What is MedjetAssist? MedjetAssist is a membership program that offers comprehensive travel protection that allows you to explore the world knowing no matter what, you’ll be safe and secure.

But what’s the difference between MedjetAssist and travel insurance?

That’s a valid question. Many of our clients choose travel insurance as their method of obtaining peace of mind, and while travel insurance certainly has its advantages, it also has a few shortcomings.

Namely, most kinds of travel and medical evacuation insurance will only take you to the nearest hospital within your current location. But what if your needs are greater? What if you’re in need of getting home – to your own hospital – or if you need services not available where you are?

Chances are you may need MedjetAssist.

Here’s how it works:

As a MedjetAssist member, if you are hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home, you’ll have the ability to be transported all the way home, to a hospital you trust. All you pay is the membership fee of $395, which covers your entire family for the full year.

Transport is done via a private jet, meaning your comfort and privacy are intact while in transit.

What does MedjetAssist offer that other services don’t?


  • They’ll arrange medical transfer for any member, regardless of the medical necessity
  • They allow the member to determine which medical facility to be moved to
  • They arrange medical transfers in the U.S. as well as internationally

If you travel frequently with your family, MedjetAssist is worth the investment

Do you and your family travel often? For one yearly cost, you can leave your worries behind, no matter where in the world your journey takes you. MedjetAssist members never have to fret over medical mishaps or what-ifs. A MedjetAssist membership serves as your guardian in a medical crisis.

In fact, MedjetAssist representatives will offer telephone interpretation and medical referrals as needed. Their medical staff will establish communication with both your family and the local attending medical provider, so that all parties involved understand the situation. MedjetAssist will also provide contact information for attorneys and will provide all visa, passport, and immunization requirements for foreign countries where the member will be traveling to.

In other words, if a medical emergency strikes, MedjetAssist will worry about the details, so you can focus on your health.

We here at Travel With Stephanie are proud supporters of MedjetAssist and have seen, heard, and experienced stories that prove its worth. We’d love to talk with you more about this membership program, and about our customized travel planning services that help create lifetime travel memories.

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