When is the Best Time to Book Holiday Travel?

‘Tis the season… well, not quite. If you are planning on traveling for the 2014 holiday season, when is the best time to jump on the bandwagon and get your travel plans confirmed?

Unfortunately, the best time to get cheap airfare has likely gone by. Believe it or not, the best time to jump on cheap holiday travel for 2014 was like, 100 days ago. However, do not be discouraged. Sometimes when you have a travel agent in New Orleans scouting out the best airfare deals for you, it can save you the frustration and hassle of checking in every morning and night for the best rates.

Don’t wait. For every day that goes by – especially prior to Thanksgiving week – you can plan on the airfares jumping up by as much as five dollars ($5) per day. For those who planned ahead, the cheapest rates often hover online between the beginnings of August through Labor Day. For Christmas week through New Year’s travel, start getting in line now.

If possible, avoid traveling on the heaviest travel days of the year, which is the day before Thanksgiving and returning the Sunday thereafter. This is when the airports are at their fullest, as well as the crowds and lines. You might get a slightly better flight if you fly on the actual day of Thanksgiving (November 27, 20140; after everyone is already sitting down for their turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. If possible, wait a day or two after the mad rush to get home by that following weekend. Extend your visit until Tuesday or Wednesday if you want to save money and spend more time visiting your family.

As far as Christmas holiday travel goes, the best day is also Christmas Day. By waiting until after Santa Claus has already delivered the gifts, you can save about 20% on your airfare. New Year’s Day is also a better time to return home from your trip than anytime during that week or even on New Year’s Eve. If you celebrate Hanukkah or another type of holiday, then you will fare better by going earlier in the month of December, rather than trying to fight the madness.

Connecting flights often save you a bit of money over non-stop flights, although they may be more of a hassle and will take you longer to get to your destination. It all depends on how frugal you want to be. One thing is for sure, the more days that pass before you book your holiday travel in 2014, the higher the prices will be!

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