7 Reasons to Use a Personal Travel Agent

With so many discount travel websites available, why would someone use a travel agent in New Orleans to book a family or business trip? Do travel agents in Louisiana represent a dying profession?

For one successful travel agency in Mandeville, LA, the answer is clear. Using a personal travel agent is simply a smarter way to travel, and with far less mistakes. People who book their own trips often spend many, many hours, digging on the internet for the “best deals” and many of the websites they use to do this are unreliable. This can be costly in time, money and hassle.

For example, you may find a great package deal on a family trip to Orlando, only to find out that the vendors have “overbooked” the trip, so if you do not get there before the others, then you may be out of luck. Try explaining to your children that they will be unable to meet Mickey Mouse after driving in the car all the way from New Orleans to Orlando! This is just one scenario, but there may be many other great reasons to choose a travel agent in Mandeville, LA, rather than booking everything on your own.

Here are 7 great reasons to hire a travel agent for your next trip:

  1. Travel agents have access to “insider secrets” that many discounted travel sites will not reveal. For example, going to a tourist area and ending up in a high crime district or staying in a room that is too far away from your main attractions could end up making your vacation less fun.
  2. Save time by letting a travel agent handle the details. People fail to realize just how long it takes to book a trip. By the time you research airfares, accommodations, car rentals, activities, Jet Ski rentals and other details of your trip, it can take weeks to come up with a plan. Letting a travel agent do this for you will free up your time for other things. Just pack and get on the plane!
  3. Save money on things that matter. It might sound appealing to jump on a website and book a discount on a travel package, but when you really study the fine print, very often these discounts come at a price. You have nobody to complain to if mistakes occur.
  4. If last minute changes or cancellations are needed, a travel agent can respond. If you do not use a travel agent, the likeliness of getting your money back in case of a family emergency, illness or other need for change to your travel plans occurs, then your probability of getting a refund is slim to none. That is, unless you use a travel agent in New Orleans to help!
  5. A travel agent is familiar with seasons and current events. There was a reason that your vacation in Brazil was on sale during your July summer vacation. It is winter there! If you did not know and only packed your shorts and sandals, it might not be so fun. There are political hotspots or dangerous places that if you are unaware of, could end up being major setbacks on your travel plans.
  6. Handles problems for you. When problems occur, like losing your passport or missing your flight, you have someone who will go to bat for you and who can handle these matters back on your home ground. If not, it might be a major hassle for you to deal with.
  7. Get exactly what you want. A travel agent asks the right questions to find out exactly what kind of trip you want to take, where, when, and how much you want to spend. Very often, their fees are paid for by the travel companies, so there is very little cost to the consumer for using a travel agency. More people should take advantage of a travel agent, instead of trying to book and manage trip planning on their own.

If you have thought about taking a vacation or need to book a business trip, do not be afraid to call Travel with Stephanie in Mandeville, LA to ask a question or get help from a professional. She has nearly three decades of experience in helping people in her community to find the best deals on travel, both domestically and internationally. 985-727-5577

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