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The Best Kept Secret to Lightweight and Efficient Packing

Have you ever tried stuffing so much into your suitcase that it feels like lugging a minibus? Or have you suffered from fines at the airport for your luggage going over the weight limit? The truth is, most people over-pack for trips. The main reason is because of anxiety over not knowing what you will […]

Top 5 Cities for Luxury Domestic Travel


Are you looking for a romantic rendezvous, or just want to get out of the New Orleans area for a few days? There are many beautiful, fun cities right here in the United States that you can pack your bag and travel to within a few hours. Get a break from work or treat someone […]

Travel With Flavor…

Customized Epicurean Travel is a great option for the wine and culinary travel enthusiasts. Your culinary and wine travel program can range from a wine-only to a culinary-only focus or anything in between.  Some of my favorite client experiences include the following: Interactive culinary sessions, led by Michelin-star chefs that begin with visits to everyday […]

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